Continuous Design Delivery

Relay pushes your latest assets from Figma directly to your codebase.

Simplify your design pipeline.

Keep live assets in sync with your design system.

Design asset consistency doesn’t have to break down due to complex build processes, lack of time, or development skills.

Relay allows you to pipe assets to a live site or app, creating a 1:1 relationship between design and deployment.

Replace icons, images, and graphics in a jiffy.

No more slicing, exporting, zipping, or sharing files. Easily incorporate design updates into any stage of your continuous deployment pipeline.

Just specify the layers you want, and where they need to go, and Relay will make sure they get there.

Figma to Relay. Relay to Repo.

Change Monitoring

Relay watches out for changes on specified layers, and lets you know what’s different between what’s live and what’s in Figma.

Select outputs

Choose SVG, PNG, JPG, or all 3 at your preferred resolutions. Relay creates production optimized assets and remembers your settings for next time.

Define your Routes

Tell Relay where to save your new images: to a Git Repo branch, S3 Bucket, Dropbox Folder, Google Drive, or to your live site via FTP.

Priced to Ship

$5/month for each Figma File.

Unlimited Repos. Unlimited Seats. Unlimited Assets.
Get a deal when you pre-order.